HCG Diet Pills vs HCG Drops For Shedding Off Extra Pounds

Written by Isabell. Posted in HCG Drops

HCG Drops has not become as renowned as drops as there are not sufficient customer reviews as they are a recent entrant in the health & fitness market. Like diet drops, these diet pills work too to bring about losing weight. The low caloric diet has to be pursued for pills too. These pills have been found to be completely effective and safe. We’ll contrast these diet drops and pills and look into their differences and similarities.

HCG Diet PillsSome similarities between HCG pills and drops:

  • With both pills and drops, dieters are capable enough to lose 1-2 pounds on regular basis.
  • Both drops and pills need a strict low caloric diet for the protocol to work.
  • These drops and pills are both consumed under the same way, that is, both are placed beneath the tongue for some minutes to get absorbed into the human bloodstream and then swallowed.
  • Best quality diet drops and pills are formulated under FDA approved facilities with strict quality control instructions.
  • Both are safe with a few side effects
  • Both are cheap in comparison with injections
  • Both are non-invasive

Some differences between these drops and pills:

  • HCG diet drops available in several potencies and some of them may require some dilution prior consumption, whereas pills are very convenient to use and needs zero dilution. The required amount of dosage can be only popped inside the mouth.
  • It is advisable to store these diet drops in the refrigerator after opening to keep hold of its potency as some amount of alcohol is mixed with these diet drops for preservation. These diet drops free of alcohol are also available. These pills do not need refrigeration and can easily be carried around. It is useful to utilize particularly while travelling.
  • With respect to absorption rate, HCG drops are absorbed more rapidly as it is in the fluid form. HCG pills, alternatively, need more time for absorption. Some of the HCG gets absorbed when placed beneath the tongue.
  • The rest while consumed goes into the stomach and only then is absorbed into the human bloodstream.
  • These drops are considered to have a longer shelf life in comparison with pills.
  • These drops need a dropper to measure and administer the drops beneath the tongue which is not the case with pills.

From the above-mentioned comparisons, we can see there is not too much difference between these drops or pills. While purchased from a well-reputed company both will have the similar amount of HCG diet hormone into them and will prove to be useful. These pills are somewhat cheaper than drops. It is a matter of your personal choice to select between drops or pills. With respect to customer reviews, there are not lots of reviews available for these pills. Thus, it is always recommended for dieters to do a bit research and opt for products which are reputed and deliver terrific customer support, guarantee and comprehensive instructions regarding diet with the intention to be succeeded with this diet regimen.