How HCG Diet Drops Work?

Lots of calorie counters already familiar with the fact that one pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. It has been researched that one mile jogging or walking on daily basis burns equal to 100 calories. For instance, if you are overweight for about 50 pounds, there is need for you to do jogging from Brisbane to Gold Coast to exactly burn about 50 pounds. However, if losing weight is that simple and trouble free, lots of Americans would be jogging from San Francisco to Dallas regularly.

HCG Weight Loss

 It is recommend taking Diet Drops three times on regular basis right after taking your breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Do not eat or drink anything 20 minutes before taking HCG Drops. This product is available along with an oral syringe in order to make certain the right delivery process. Availability of oral syringe stops wasting to have too much intake of HCG that is required to reduce fat and losing excessive pounds of weight.

The all you need to do is to drop about 0.38ml of Drops beneath your tongue and seize it for approximately 15 to 20 seconds before ingesting. HCG Drops are available with a detailed suggested diet plan that includes two essential meals on regular basis i.e. breakfast and dinner. It is also suggest consuming about 3 to 4 liters of water just to get fast weight loss results.

Diet suggested by HCG Drops comprises of three major phases:

  • 2 days loading phase
  • The main phase for which length may varies
  • 21 days maintenance phase

The foods that are prescribed along with HCG Drops can easily be available at any local store. These foods include fish, chicken, beef, lamb and typical leafy green vegetables. Diet plan for vegetarian is also available along with gluten free diet option. These three phases of diet are wrapped in the professionally composed booklet along with detailed information regarding tracker, recipes, food, buying hint tips and lot more.

Myth of Super HCG Drops Working

Here are lots of people who are engaged in a regular workout plan to burn calories but actually they can’t lose weight. The ultimate reason behind this is that they are actually burning their calories in a wrong manner.

To clarify, there are basically three kinds of fats in the human body:

Structural Fat: This plays a vital role to fill up the gaps between organs and take actions as a kind of “packing material” for human body.

Normal Fat: The body sketches upon this fat when dietary intake is quite less than what the body actually requires.

Abnormal Fat: Abnormal and extreme accretions are fixed puts of fats all through the body and cause fatness. The body is not capable to sketch on this fat under certain urgent cases.

Through imposing restrictions on food intake, the body will be compelled to consume fat reserves in a normalize way. The body cannot access the accretions of abnormal fat.

Patients who have already used HCG Diet Drops are tends to lose approximately one pound a day. HCG hormones enable the human body to make possible the availability of abnormal fat. Under the process of taking HCG Drops, patients are instructed to take only 500 calories a day. The ultimate result: patient is tends to lose one pound a day while taking HCG Drops.