All About Sublingual HCG Diet Drops

Written by Isabell. Posted in HCG Reviews

HCG diet protocol needs no introduction for individuals who have been pursuing diet regimen already. In fact, it has gained immense recognition as the most effective, yet easiest weight loss technique with no side effects. Also comes in the form of diet drops and pills, sublingual HCG is considered as the most demanding form of delivering this diet hormone to the body.

HCG DietIts easy definition is taking these drops beneath the tongue. It is a kind of hormone produced by the placenta in the initial pregnancy phases. This particular hormone is found to play an imperative part in fat metabolism. As a female conceives, it sends a signal to brain for metabolized fat. The energy yielded in this process is used to feed the growing fetus via the placenta.

While taking sublingual drops or any other diet products, this diet hormone performs the similar function as it does in pregnant ladies, thus helping in rapid weight loss. In accordance to the supporters of this diet regimen, it is influential for losing weight around 1-3 pounds each day. As expected, several risks are also reported, and the efficiency of this dieting regimen is debatable. While numerous dieters have received positive weight loss results, other opposes the claimed results.

Does It Actually Work?

No doubt, these sublingual oral drops bring about weight loss. However, as with any sort of diet protocol, this hormonal based weight loss regimen needs a dieter to trim down calories all through the period of dieting, and if possible after the period of dieting is over too. The prescribed calorie consumption a day is as low as 500. Now, if an adult consumed only 500 calories a day, weight loss is apparent.

Taking these sublingual drops is also claimed to be favorable in other ways, such as minimizing hunger pangs unlike other calories restricted diet plan and proportional fats distribution. Though, the FDA has not approved the intake of HCG products in the form of pill, drops, injection, sprays etc for obesity treatment. Except weight loss brought about by limiting regular caloric intake, there is no scientific evidence that supports the efficiency of HCG diet hormone in trimming down extra pounds.

How To Take It?

HCG diet drops and injection are claimed to be equally useful. Though, given a choice, many dieters opt for these drops for safety concerns and easy usage. Sublingual drops kits are available in several clinics and online. The complete instructions for mixing sublingual drops and diet plan to be followed come with the product kit.

For using it sublingually, the white powder from the ampoule is first combined with sublingual serum. In the morning, a right dosage of 0.5 cc is put beneath the tongue. The dieter is anticipated to hold it for 5 to 10 minutes for effective absorption of drops, or as mentioned on the product label. From this, it gets absorbed directly into the blood vessels that are placed at the base of the tongue. Another dosage of oral HCG is given in the similar way after 12 hours.